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I went to the store in Moorpark, CA and bought 4 pairs of shoes. It's a 30 minute drive each way. One they did not have, so they ordered it and said it would be shipped to me. Instead, a women's pair arrived. I called customer service, and they sent me a shipping label. I was told to wrap it up in the original shoe box and drop it off at the nearest Fed-ex office, as it had arrived in a plastic bag that was not reusable.

Fed-ex would not accept the package, saying it was not acceptable to send in a shoe box. They wanted another $3.87 for proper packaging. After another 20 minutes on hold with customer service, detailing what had happened, I was told I had to drive back to the store (another hour driving, plus store time) to return the shoe, and they would again try to ship out the correct pair. As compensation, I was offered a $10 gift card, something pretty useless after I just bought 4 pairs of shoes.

I informed the "manager" of customer service on the phone, that I was unsatisfied with the offer of a $10 gift card, and that I needed cash or check. I told them this would not only result in my never shopping at famous footwear again, that I would tell all my friends about my bad experience, and post my story all over the Internet. This had no affect. Writing my story separately to customer service got no response.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $10.

Preferred solution: $10 cash, not a store credit.

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