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Found a pair of shoes at the Turlock store that I liked didn’t have my size associate checked and found them for me at the store located in riverbank California and told me they were holding them for me. So drive across town which took me about 45 minutes to deal with a jerk of an employee who didn’t seem liked he even wanted to be there.

I told him that there was a pair of shoes being held for me and he says oh it got put back without even checking I started looking through all the shoes and they weren’t there. He comes back and says if they were there being held. I didn’t wanna buy them shoes but I liked them so much I didn’t wanna leave them behind. Without even trying them I bought them.

I came home and tried them in the next day and they fit too tight and now I’m frustrated cause I have to go back and of course dealt with the same associate I just told him I wanna refund on them I didn’t wanna give them the business he opened the box slammed them in the counter and just being a jerk...

I will never go back to this store ever!!! you are in the wrong field of work my friend.

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