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I purchased two pairs of Guess sneakers from Famous Footwear in Dickson City, PA in July. One pair I did not wear.

The other pair I wore for about 4 hours. The blisters I received from wearing these sneakers were awful. I called the store and spoke with a girl named Chrissy. She informed me that I cannot return the worn pair unless it was a defect from the manufacture even after I explained to her what happened.

Who gets to say it is or isn't a defect???? So now I am stuck with these horrible sneakers that I cannot wear. I have purchased other shoes from other Famous Footwear stores that I have had no problems with but I really can't believe that I cannot return these shoes. They were fine when I was walking around the store for the few minutes I wore them but after walking in them for several hours outside the store I developed blisters.

Its not like I wore them for weeks and decided I didn't want them anymore. I wore them for 4 hours and cannot wear them again. In addition I need to return the other pair of unworn sneakers because I know they will do the same thing. You can also tell that I only wore them for a short period of time because they still look brand new.

They just have a little bit of dirt on the soles. I am starting to think that these sneakers had a defect to begin with. So my $50 sneakers that I can't wear again are just supposed to go into the trash? This is ridiculous.

Not very good business practice by not letting me return them.

So aggravated by this. I have my receipt and would hope someone other than this girl Chrissy who was no help at all will be able to help me.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $50.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Are you really this dumb? Famous Footwear doesn't manufacture the shoes, they just sell them.

The fact that they gave you blisters isn't their problem. I have shoes that give me blisters that other people wear comfortably. If you wore them, you can't return them.

Especially not with dirt on the soles....who is going to buy them then? Obviously an entitled brat.


OMG. Are you really this dumb?

Do you think I don't know that they don't manufacture them? OMG they just sell them? Thank you so much for clarifying that. How I made it this far in my life without someone like you showing me the way just amazes me!!!!!!!

No not entitled - far from it but I do have an amazing job that I work my *** off for and get paid very well for it. A brat?????? WOW - you must be one of those lazy, unemployed people that milk the system for everything they can get. I have every right to complain about these shoes.

Maybe they were defective and that is why I got blisters. How the *** do you know? Don't tell me you can't return them. I know a few people who have bought shoes, wore them once and for whatever reason THEY WERE ALLOWED TO RETURN THEM!!!!!

I didn't wear them for more then a few hours. So if I can't wear them again why the *** should I have to keep them? Just crawl back from under the rock you drug yourself out from today. Oh one more thing.

Of course no one will buy them you freak. They can always try and send them back to the manufacture. I was looking to talk to a representative of the store and this is what I was told to do.

Write a complaint. So mind your own business idiot.


Hey u. FYI.

They took my sneakers back.

Woo hoo. Maybe u can learn something from this.