In all my days, i have never had a simple pair of shoes come apart at the seems only 6 weeks after purchase. And this horrible company refused to accept the shoes for a refund, or exchange.

i did have a dated receipt when the return was refused, and even called the corporate office, where again, i was refused by the corporate office, as they only have a limited, 30 day return policy.

- I WILL NEVER shop at this shoe store again, and would encourage everyone never to shop their because the company does not understand who pays their bills, and how to stand behind their products. WE CONSUMERS PAY ALL THEIR BILLS and its time they figured that out!

Monetary Loss: $60.

  • new balance footwear shoes
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They have other consumers who love to shop with them so they get their bills paid regardless of your petty speech. You don’t pay all the bills. {{Redacted}}


I just left the store and had the EXACT same experience. $60 sketchers.....6 wks old, worn 5 times, coming apart.

Corporate was of NO benefit.

Store manager told me to contact Vendor. When I asked for vendor contact info, she told me, "I do not have an iphone to look that up for you".


You have a phone to do all the research you need. Why sit in a store only getting more aggravated because no one wants to help with everything,, theyre still going to talk *** when you leave.