Rockwall, Texas

ROCKWALL CROSSING: I just spent almost $100 at one of the stores only to be treated like complete garbage from the moment I walked in. I just kept trying to brush it off and not let the rude employees get to me..NO ONE acted like they wanted to help me..

NO ONE greeted me when I walked in the store, and when I asked for help, I was brushed off like I was NOTHING, just pointed in a direction of some things, and still couldn't find what I was looking for. When I went to check out, the cashier barely glanced at me and acted like she was busy fumbling with something [when I was one of the only customers in the store at the time]. THEN- she huffs and puffs at me, and literally groans "are you ready to check out?!" in the worst tone possible, as thought it literally PAINED her to talk to me- then goes on to tell me about how terrible her day has been and how people had been rude to her... so I guess it made it okay for her to pass on that negativity to me??

Anyways, as she was checking me out, I continued to be pleasant, smiled, and even complimented her nails/outfit. . She grumbled "thanks" real quickly and went on to ask for my information to put into the computer system... she asked for my address, phone number, and email..

which I did not feel comfortable giving in front of the random other people that had walked up in line- that is pretty PERSONAL information that I don't want just anybody knowing!.. and when I asked her why this information was necessary to check out, she said in a VERY rude tone " I need it or else you wont get your discount?!" while frowning at me. I was appalled.. I could not believe how she was acting towards me..

I have my rough days working as a nurse, and get yelled at on a daily basis over things that are beyond my control... But this employee taking out her problems on an innocent, PAYING customer is DOWN RIGHT WRONG!!!!! I HAD been having such a wonderful day, and It was very upsetting and confusing to me that this happened to me although I was very nice and pleasant toward everyone in the store.. and upon leaving the store I just wanted to go straight home [though previously I'd had other plans for the day].

I just moved to this area and was planning on shopping at this store frequently, as I go on weekly shopping trips. But if that is the way I will get treated, I will NOT be going back!

And just so you know, this is my FIRST complaint on ANY store I have bought from in my entire life- so I think that is saying something. It has been hours since this happened and I am still feeling shaken and upset by it.

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You both sound like spoiled brats. ‘My day was ruined because I wanted to spend my money and be treated like a queen at the same...

huh.... First Lady story doesn’t make sense. You said you were the only person in the store then said you didn’t want to give out your info because people were in the store. You know you can deny giving info.

If you want the discount then you have to give the info....

it’s common sense, nothing is free ladies. You housewives need to get a new look on life.


I just had a similar experience at a Famous Footwear location where I was treated with a smart alec, unprofessional, argumentative attitude by a so called "store manager". It also was the low point in an otherwise great day.

Unbelievable that a store manager acts that way. That was possibly the worst customer service experience I have ever had in a store in my whole life. And this is not the first time I have had unacceptable customer service at this same FF location. Long story short is I will never again even consider buying a pair of shoes at this particular FF location.

It also leaves a bad impression in my mind about the company as a whole. BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE = NO REPEAT BUSINESS FROM ME. Also... Famous Footwear is making a very bad business move by not training their employees to provide friendly customer service.

Not only will I no longer shop at this Famous Footwear location, I will tell all my friends and family about my bad experience and encourage everyone I know not to spend their hard earned money there either.