East Providence, Rhode Island
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I wore the shoes for 2 hours they killed my feet I went to return them and was told I could not return exchange They are not a cheap store I am without money which I didn't want I have shoes I cannot wear. People consumers stay shopping at Payless you get more for your money and satisfaction guaranteed Stop shopping here let them know that they are not better than us Understanding is something that they have no clue of.. They do not know how to treat their customers, so no customers shall be They will be out of business before long

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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You should read the receipt for any product next time to make sure of the return policy. Famous footwear is not like Macy’s where they take any and everything back no matter what.

Famous has to resell the product and if you wore them out and knew from the start that you weren’t 100% about the shoe but decided to wear them and return them was not the proper choice. It’s common sense.