Schaumburg, Illinois

This is just a notification of an inconsistent practice for Famous Footwear stores and its website. Although the original price of shoes is the same for all colors of those shoes, when those shoes go on sale or clearance the black costs twice as much as any of the other colors.

There is no accusation being made however there is not reason why this would happen. If the manufacturer had original suggested a different original price, and the stores would have complied with that in their original pricing, then there would be no issue, But when the original price on the box is the same for all colors there is no excuse for the price gauging of the color black.

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This is the reason people shop at stores like Nordstroms that actually care about their customers and how their shoes fit even when they leave the store! Why do you think they have such a loyal following--because even though they might lose a little they gain more in customer confidence, loyalty , and repeat business from fantastic customer service!

And I might add stores like Norsdstroms, Macys, etc. are priced more competitively on a LOT of comparable shoes.

My daughter bought a pair if shoes yesterday and has 3 blisters! This is totally unacceptable with this rediculous return policy!


Or realize that you have an opportunity to purchase something cheaper in another color. They could just keep all colors the same price just like YOU wish.

They put it cheaper to move a poorer selling color.

Would you rather all colors be higher priced? Too *** to figure that out, ***?

@You ***

Not really...the cheaper color is not necessarily cheap, meaning that they price gauge the better selling one because more people need black shoes to match its neutral so people WILL buy the more expensive black over brown option and they make their money that way.


The reson is simple everyone wears black so they put colors on sale that are not selling.


Other way around the sale item isn't really a sale they are still profiting from it. The better selling / more popular black shoes are price gauged because the company knows people will pay the price for it.