Update by user Sep 08, 2018

After getting nowhere with customer service, I found an online site called Complaints Board. I made my complaint against Famous Footwear.

I then get an email saying the tennis shoes are not deliverable due to the fires. I called and spoke with a customer rep and told her I received the email and I would like my money refunded asap. I did get my money back so issue was resolved. But those tennis shoes ended up at the post office even though they were not deliverable.

I refused the tennis shoes and they went back to Famous Footwear. Due to the bad customer service and also the long wait time to talk to someone, I will never use Famous Footwear again.

Update by user Aug 09, 2018

I spoke with a male customer rep today who I believed is named Terrance. I told him I would be returning the shoes and after what happened I wouldn't be using them anymore.

I told him I didn't even know if the post office was open yet. He told me my tennis shoes were at the post office now. I went to the post office and of course my tennis shoes weren't there. I believe he did it on purpose because I voiced my opinion of their non-customer service ability.

It's totally smokey and there is so much traffic from people trying to get back home, I couldn't get out onto Hwy 20 for 15 minutes after leaving the post office. What a *** bag.

Original review posted by user Aug 09, 2018

I ordered shoes online which they you will receive within a certain amount of business days. I was in the middle of the northern California fires.

We got an evacuation alert and then mandatory evacuation. I called customer service and told her everything was being shut down and there was no way for me to get the tennis shoes I ordered. She told me that if they can't be delivered to the post office they would deliver them to the prior address I ordered from which has been over 3 years which was in the evacuation area and I don't live there anymore. What an idiot.

She told me that I had to call Fed Ex and cancel the order. I paid for that shipment and Famous Footwear should have called and canceled the order. While I have a dog and a cat and trying to figure out what to take in my little two door Honda Civic, and this nasty piece of work wants me to do her work for her. She had no compassion whatsoever and I will never order from them again.

I will be passing the word along to everybody.

Karma is going to come back on her 100 times over and not in a good way. I called my bank and explained the situation and they reversed the charge right after I spoke to her.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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